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​Guide to Home Learning During School Closure

  • The emotional wellbeing of your child is far more important than their education right now. If they are settled and able to focus, then completing some school work is great, but if they are struggling and need some time, that is fine too. Don’t compare your child to someone else’s, you know them best and can judge accordingly.
  • Let your child lead the learning. If they are struggling to organise, use (or adapt) a timetable like this:

Suggested Daily Schedule

Before 9am

Wake up

Eat breakfast, make your bed, brush your teeth etc.

9am - 10am 

Morning exercise 

Live PE workouts with The Bodycoach TV YouTube channel or Alameda YouTube channel.

10am - 11am

Academic study

Select some of the activities from the website – focus on English, math, science & computing.

Look for activities on Instagram – the Alameda maths and English pages.

Look for activities on the Alameda YouTube channel.

11am - 12pm

Academic study

Select some of the activities from the website – focus on foundation subjects.

History projects, geography projects.

12pm - 12:30pm

Lunch time

 Eat and relax

12:30pm - 1pm

Carry out some chores 

 Help out at home.

1pm - 1:30pm

Quiet time

Read for pleasure

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Creative time

Eg. Art, DT, music. Either choose activities from the website or any practical activities that interest you linked to these key areas.

3:30pm - 4pm


Walk, jog or cycle (in a safe environment).

Follow a workout.

4pm - 5pm

Social time

Board games, puzzle, reading together, card games.

5pm - 6pm

Dinner time


  • Free online resources are great but the choice can be overwhelming and confusing. Let your child choose one or two and stick to those for now. We have shared a lot; so don’t feel you need to use all of them.
  • Don’t feel that you need to work with your children all of the time, they should be independent – in class, they probably wouldn’t get 1:1 teacher support. You are likely to have work and other responsibilities.
  • While a lot of activities are online, be mindful of too much screen time. Physical activity and time away from the screen is really important.
  • Reading is a great activity.  Central Bedfordshire libraries have provided ebooks for free at www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/libraries
  • Apple and Audible have made hundreds of audio books and e-books free. You can access them via the Apple Books App or https://stories.audible.com/discovery.
  • There is not a need to produce pages of paper based work. In most cases, work can be done online.

As a society, we have very little time for family time, we spend our lives rushing to and from work, taxiing children to and from clubs, eating in the car on route, let’s accept this new challenge with open arms. Let’s embrace time with our immediate family and learn to talk to one another and play games with one another in a courteous manner. Do not place unnecessary pressure on your family to be an academic genius, instead trust that your children will catch up and value the skills that can be learned and nurtured by spending time together in your home.

You are not “home schooling” as this is a very different thing and something you would have chosen and taken time to prepare for.

Maths and English on Instagram

The Maths and English departments are adding content regularly to our Instagram pages. While pupils should be 13 years or older to access these directly, we know that a lot of parents/carers will want to do this on their behalf. There are quizzes, questions of the day (with answers provided later on) and other activities designed to engage everyone with their learning.

To access these via Instagram, please search our page names:

English: AMSTeamEnglish

Maths: ams_maths_team

There is also wellbeing related content added and feedback has been positive from their followers.

YouTube – PE and English

Our new YouTube channel, Alameda TV, has been created by the PE department to act as a hub for a wide range of ideas and resources to help keep your children active whilst they are not at school.


An English stream has now also been added, where you will see guided reading and spelling and grammar activities led by Mrs O’Grady and Mrs McKinnon. Ms Fielden will soon be adding some writing content. The aim of this is to support you and the pupils in structuring tasks, it should also provide some revision for pupils and generally try to provide a break from worksheet based activities.

Accelerated Reader

Mrs McKinnon has sent out the Accelerated Reader info via Edulink. This is available to all pupils in years 5 and 6.

Pupils can access our school area through the following link:


Student usernames are the first letter of their first name, followed by the first four letters of their surname E.G. AMCKI

The password is abc.

Accelerated Reader have made books available for students to read online; students can also use the AR articles on the homepage to read and quiz on. Please see attached parent information for more information on this.

All students use this in school and know how to access quizzes - they should quiz as soon as possible after finishing a book.

Maths Update

We wanted to remind you that the curriculum folder for maths includes resources from Dynamic Learning. This is based on the scheme of work we follow in years 7 and 8, it has resources (including answers) with PowerPoint explanations and PDF documents.  It is the programme that our teachers would normally use to plan with. We will also add tasks for all years on MathsWatch, which will then be instantly marked. 

For all work, our teachers will be happy to look through any points, but it will not be possible, or indeed beneficial to mark all items. We therefore encourage pupils to self-mark where they can and to check their work using answers where provided. We advise that you keep as much work as possible online to reduce the amount of paper used.

Activities for home learning can be found here:

Alameda Middle School - Curriculum

The folders are updated regularly by our teachers.

Other Ideas You may find helpful

  • 9:30am- Wildlife with Steve Backshall. Every day at 9.30am on Facebook Steve Backshall for answering all your wildlife biology, conservation, geography and exploration questions
  •  12pm – Lunch (cooking) with Jamie Oliver. You may have seen Jamie's Keep Cooking and Carry On show on Channel 4, which shows you how to keep cooking through quarantine conditions, using what you already have in your cupboards. While those recipes are a bit advanced for little people, he has a whole section on his website just to get kids cooking, so they can rustle up their own lunch. https://www.jamieoliver.com/features/easy-recipes-for-kids/
  • 2pm – History with Dan Snow. You can sign up to History Hit TV for free for 30 days.

The streaming service has loads of history documentaries on it about everything from Jack The Ripper to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. There’s also a free podcast. https://www.historyhit.com/podcasts/dan-snows-history-hit/

  •  Royal Mint interactive ‘Kids Hub’ The free resource is available on The Royal Mint’s website and provides a host of quizzes, games and educational tools – brought to life through iconic coins, and popular children’s characters such as The Gruffalo and Wallace & Gromit. https://www.royalmint.com/kids/
  • Phonics Play- Free, unlimited access to selected games and teaching ideas across several phases - play these as many times as you like! https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Paper copies of pupil activities

A reminder that we have produced paper copies of packs for pupils who do not have access to the internet for home learning. Please contact us by telephone or email at office@alamedamiddleschool.org.uk if you require one of these. These will be updated periodically.

Instructions for Pupils to log in to Edulink:

  1. PUPIL log in Edulink One